Do You Want to Enjoy Your Backyard More?

Ask Spartan Construction about deck installation in Portland, OR

Why travel far to enjoy fun in the sun when you can do so in your backyard? Spartan Construction LLC offers deck installation services in Portland, Oregon. We build blackwood cedar multi-level and enclosed decks. A deck installation contractor will survey your yard and recommend which style would be better for your property.

We'll work with you closely on the design so you can get an elegant, kid-friendly deck for your home. Contact us ASAP to get a free estimate on deck installation.

Don't let your patio fall apart

A damaged patio not only looks bad, but it also poses a safety hazard for your home. Patio repair services can help! Spartan Construction provides patio repair services in Portland, Oregon. We can stain or resurface your patio so you can keep using your outdoor entertainment area. Our team can also replace damaged wood or your entire patio, if needed. 

Call 503-866-8208 today to schedule patio repair services.